Planning an event can be overwhelming, but not when you have the right partner. We want the planning process to be just as fun and exciting as the big day itself! Start to finish, Forks and Corks Catering offers the full experience. 

How is Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener different from other Stevia?

Not all stevia are created equal! Stevia brands make their product mimic sugar by adding chemical additives such as inulin, Dextrin, Malto-dextrose, erythritol and other sugar derivatives. They also bleach the green stevia leaf extract to make it look white. This takes away the goodness of stevia and defeats the purpose to replace sugar. Dolce Vita is water based stevia extract with only 2 ingredients - Stevia and pH balanced water. Zero Chemicals!

Is Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener safe for Diabetics?

Absolutely! Stevia is an approved food additive in over 100 countries across the world including Australia, Japan, USA, UK & India. It is approved by USFDA for use as a sweetener and deemed safe in Diabetics. The World Health Organization approves the daily intake of 4 grams per Kg of body weight as safe to consume.

Dolce Vita has no additives, no chemicals and is the purest stevia available in the market.

How much Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener is needed for coffee/tea?

We have made this product extremely easy to use. No guesswork, no measurement! Simply add it just like sugar. Most consumers are happy using half a tea spoon for their average cup of coffee. We recommend the global standard, 2ml for 140ml of beverage. Add more if you have a sweet tooth!

Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener can be used to bake & cook?

Absolutely! Try it in Indian Sweets, Desserts, Baking and even Cocktails. Watch out for Recipes section where recipes are added regularly. User recipes can be submitted (with photos/video) with ingredients & detailed procedure. Unique & authentic submissions would be rewarded with Jumbo hamper of Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener!

What are the white flecks floating in Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener?

Dolce Vita Stevia Sweetener is an organic product, made by evaporation-based extraction from stevia leaves. Plant fiber may be noticed in the liquid, which is absolutely safe to consume and does not deteriorate the product in anyway.

What are the payment options?

Bank Transfers, Credit Card, Debit Card, Google Pay, PayPal, PayTM or UPI transfers.
Unable to pay online? We have you covered. Call us on +91 8790 141 171 and we will assist you.



For a fabulous catered event, start by calling our office at 541-286-4412 or submit an inquiry online outlining your event details.  We will follow up with you promptly, asking any questions that will assist us with understanding your catering needs.  Our office is open Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm, with additional hours by appointment. 


You may want to consider a few points in advance: 

  • What is your vision for the event? 

  • How many guests are you expecting? 

  • Have you selected your date and venue? 

  • What time period will your event cover? 

  • Is bar service required? 

  • China and glassware?  Or disposable tableware and express drop-off catering? 

  • Formal service?  Or casual buffet? 

  • Limited coordination?  Or full day-of coordination? 

After our consultation, we will create a comprehensive proposal that outlines all of the details of our services and the costs associated with them. 


Each Forks and Corks catered event includes the following: 

  • Durable compostable plates, flatware and disposable drinkware (unless client requests china and/or glassware rentals) 

  • Table linens for all food buffet and beverage tables 

  • Artful décor to match the colors and style of your event 

  • Food labels denoting menu items and dietary concerns 

  • Professional and polished service staff 

  • Cake cutting service for weddings and special occasions 

Forks and Corks Catering will advise on how many tables the client should have available to display all food and beverages.  If you or your venue do not have tables available, they may be rented through a rental company or sub-contracted through Forks and Corks. 


Our staff arrives fully uniformed, sharp and ready to go!  They are at your service to provide the best experience for you and your guests.  Our team has been trained to perform their tasks with polish and professionalism, ensuring the details are not overlooked and that everything is on time and perfect.  A captain is available at every event – ready to ensure seamless service. 


Standard compostable disposables are provided complimentary with all menus.  We prefer to serve our food on eco-friendly china plates with glassware, flatware and linen napkins and offer these rental options to our clients.  We also have upgraded disposables available at an additional cost. 

Guest table linens can be rented through Forks and Corks Catering in select colors and styles.  Specialty linens of all sizes and styles are also available.  

We can also provide bar glassware, including beer, wine, sparkling wine and specialty drinks.  Glassware rentals cost between .30 and .50 per glass.  Please note:  Forks and Corks does not provide bar glassware for events where we are not providing the bar service.  In these instances, the client and/or the bar service provider is responsible for these rentals. 


Forks and Corks Catering requires a $450 food and beverage minimum per event not including a 21% labor and operations charge.  Forks Express orders require a $350 food and beverage minimum per event and a delivery and set-up fee.  


A 21% staffing charge is applied to all food, beverage and rental equipment for full-service buffet events.  This charge guarantees the appropriate number of Forks and Corks Catering staff for up to two (2) hours of travel and set-up time, an active period (guest arrival time to guest departure time) of up to three (3) hours, and one (1) hour of clean-up time, for a total of up to six (6) hours of staffing.  Overtime charges apply for all staff beyond this six (6) hours at a rate of $25 per hour, per server.   While we do everything we can to accurately estimate your staffing in your proposal, adjustments are often necessary during the planning process and/or after the event depending on the details and complexity of your event. 

Please note that the staffing charge is not distributed to our servers as a gratuity.  Gratuity is at your discretion – not expected, but always appreciated by our staff. 

Other labor charges pricing not included in your 21% staffing may be outlined in your proposal:  

  • Event bartender (beer and wine): $30 per hour 

  • Event bartender (beer, wine and cocktails):  $35 per hour 

  • Pantry/dishwasher (china events only)  $20 per hour 

  • Chef (as required for on-site cooking, plating or grilling)   $35 per hour 


All plated events will be charged an hourly rate for each waitstaff, chef and pantry/dish staff, in addition to a 15% operations charge.   


Staffing is generally not negotiable in most cases.  Forks and Corks reserves the right to determine the staffing level necessary to execute your event in-keeping with our service and brand standards.  We make every effort to minimize staffing during periods of your event where fewer staff is required, and will decrease staff hours as needed.  If it is determined that less or more staff is required based on event complexity or count changes, we will adjust your staffing plan and invoice accordingly.  If staffing reductions or time extensions occur during the course of your event, Forks and Corks will adjust your final invoice accordingly. 


Bring your own wedding cake, cupcakes, donuts or cookies and we will help to cut and plate your cake.   


Please keep in mind that no other outside food may be brought to the event in accordance with our food license and insurance. 


Forks and Corks Catering understands the importance of accommodating allergies and special dietary needs.  You will see an abbreviation next to each menu item indicating its compatibility with special diets.  We provide separate plated vegetarian/vegan options for up to 5% of your guests. 


Fork s and Corks Catering is OLCC-licensed to serve beer, wine and spirits at events.  We have trained and licensed bartenders and carry full liquor liability insurance.  We take the responsibility of alcohol very seriously and appreciate the cooperation of our clients in helping us to ensure the safety and protection of each guest. 

OLCC prohibits serving alcohol to anyone visibly intoxicated or minors under the age of 21.  Forks and Corks Catering strictly abides by all OLCC laws and regulations and will request identification for guests appearing under the age of 26.  Guests without a valid ID or those showing signs of intoxication will not be served.  Food must be present for consumption during the time of alcohol service. 

Legally forbidden by OLCC, guests cannot self-serve during functions where an OLCC license holder (in this case, Forks and Corks Catering) is present.  Ordering catering that includes delivery , set-up and pick-up only may be a great alternative option if you prefer a more casual self-service of alcohol.  Please note that not all events are appropriate to handle without our waitstaff present.  Generally, parties over fifty (50) guests or those with menu items that are not conducive to casual transportation and handling may require a server to stay at your event. Please inquire for more details. 

Please see “THE CORKS” menu for bar service options.