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we bring the party to YOU

The party is not over, people! It just looks a little bit different.

Continuing our efforts to innovate, create opportunities to connect, and ensure our community emerge from this isolating time stronger - we are thrilled to introduce F&C VIRTUAL EVENTS : our way of carrying the events this community depends on into the future!

Taking a cue from the success of our Dining to Your Doorstep service and Culinary Hugs program - we've made large-scale galas / fundraisers / meetings / conferences / award receptions still possible. Our house-made, safely prepared, wow-worthy, heat-and-serve meals will arrive to your attendees doorsteps in orchestrated fashion. Call us. Plan with us. Let's get this party started.

Heartfelt appreciation brings sustenance for another day, especially in turbulent times.  - Dana Ullom-Vulvelich